Well Organized but not too Stringent

As one of the newer members, I have found the Breakfast Club to be chock-full of successful go-getters who are welcoming and eager to support other local businesses. The Club is well organized without being too stringent. The weekly breakfast meetings have proven great for networking and building relationships, and we always have a few laughs too.

-Janet Miller, No Place Like Home, Member #2


Life Long Friends

We have been a long time member. I have made life long friends, amazing business connections and at my fingertips experts in their fields. We see business from members on a daily basis and when we need something we turn to a member first. You can trust the service and product will be exceptional.

-Lisa, Regina FastPrint, Member #20


Entertaining Events

Once a quarter we have creative events like golf tournaments, casino nights, and even progressive meals.  It's great to get out and build relationships with our community and each other outside of simply referring business.  Gives the night owls a chance to shine too ;-)

-Brad Zakreski, Storm Applied Technologies , Member #50.


Class Act Group of Business Owners

Harvard Western Insurances’ original membership goes all of the way back to the inception of the club. We value the lifelong business relationships we have developed throughout the years. One can be sure to get expert and trusted advice from any member within the various and diverse industries within the club. The Breakfast Club of Regina is truly a class act group of business owners from our community and we are proud to be a part of it.

-Deb Macdonald, Harvard Western Insurance, Member #95