Park Avenue Builders

Rob Fluter has been a proud member of the Breakfast Club for 38 years!

Park Avenue Builders started out as a residential renovator and home builder. The industry was a lot different back then, so Rob switched to commercial. The crew consists of 4 full time and 2 part time, with a back office to handle work orders.

Historically, Park Avenue's portfolio includes:

- Convert hardware store to Giant Tiger at Avon mall, along with offices

- Renovated all Kal Tire stores

- Converted movie theatre to business centre in Saskatoon

- Won Heritage Award from City of Regina to redo the Legion building, including special cement shipped in from Quebec

- Renovated every floor of the Avord Tower skyscraper

- Built a soccer field

- Renovated Safeway grocery store in mall

- Built all the photo labs for Wal-Mart

Rob has now retired and loves keeping up with his active family. He has found great balance in it, especially in his curling game.