Economic Development Regina

EDR is a booth public and privately funded to create an economical development strategy for Regina. The top benchmark is growth of the economy, commercial tax base, and ultimately population. To get there, there's the hunting process to do research and homemaking to make sure there's a good story to tell about Regina so that potential investors know about Regina.

Regina is good place with a lot to be excited about. There are key pillars for promoting the Regina brand like agriculture/agtech and people who do incredible things like digging a lake and planting half a million trees,

The Globe and Mail voted Regina as the 4th most liveable city in Canada, and #1 for entrepreneurs. There are network opportunities, low commute times, and a strong economy.

The key stages of development are to incubate, accelerate, and then venture out. Incubating helps businesses get started, accelerate involves business planning and staffing while in the process of raising series A funding, and venture would be a business who had funding or ready to export. There are over 100 support programs for businesses in Regina across all of these levels.

The next steps for EDR are to first identify and understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Then, build on partnerships to deliver direct support. Next, growing venture support to connect investors with entrepreneurs. Once that is done, the last step is to measure success.