The Wireless Age

Scott has been in the wireless industry for years, working on everything from installations to remote sales to store management. With the addition of a family of his own, he's moved into corporate business.

The Wireless Age started as the Watt Shop, and has since grow by expanding stores, adding staff, and bringing in new products. They are an award winning company with a connection to the community.

The Wireless Age is one of the top dealers in North America, even winning an award from Motorola. One of their larger projects includes providing wireless access over WiFi to a potash mine. The success of that project has solidified their position with government and enables them to attract more large customers. Additionally, they've installed signal boosters,  repaired radios, and added thousands of new phones to their client's accounts. Business is expanding so much that they've hired additional account representatives.

To top it off, they're in the middle of a re-brand! Stores are being renovated, opened up, and given a boutique atmosphere.