FOCUS Mortgage Solutions

Jason started Focus when he saw things in the industry that were below board. As the co-founder of the Mortgage Professionals Channel, he was able identify unethical brokers. Jason's style is not to simply find a way to make a mortgage work - he will say no if there is no choice.

Focus stands out, in additon to its ethical behaviour, by being philanthropic as well. Growing up in poverty has led Jason to do shoe drives, backpack drives, hamper deliveries, and even be a part of sport programs.

In industry news, the B20 guidelines were created in 2019 to demonstrate to the government what is happening. For lenders with 20% down payment or more, the B20 says that the lender should qualify the borrower. However, there's resistance to this. The bottom line is, banks judge borrowers by their risk assessment, and their job is to sell money. Focus cares about clients.