Olive Waller Zinkhan Waller (OWZW)

Founded in the 1970s, OWZW is a family firm, and one of the founding members of the Breakfast Club of Regina. Rumour has it the firm was started over a game of ping pong!


Jessie Waller graduated from law school in 2011 and her main areas of practice include corporate, real estate and estate law. Jessie brought Ron with her, and he moved to Canada in 2018 after practicing in the Philippines. As a prosecutor in the Philippines, he was appointed by the president and had a lot more power than his Canadian equivalent, including the ability to decide which cases are brought to court. As you can imagine, this power brought many complications including death threats, and his boss sustained 20 gun shots.


Much like any business, lawyers thrive on referrals and would appreciate any business you bring their way.