Weed Man

From humble beginnings of a few hundred clients in the 90s, Weed Man has now grown to nearly 5000 clients in Regina, the biggest in Canada!

Weed Man has a partnership with customers - that is, they need to water and mow. Most lawns in Regina are Kentucky blue grass and tall fence, so 3" is a great height. That means mowing every 5-7 days, and every couple weeks in the hot summer. An important tip is to keep the mower blade sharp as a dull one will rip the grass. As for watering, 1-1.5" of water less often is better to save water and also to encourage a deeper root system. The best gauge: an empty tuna can! The best sign to know when you need water is if you walk on it and the grass doesn't come back up. Best time to water is early morning as night can cause mold. As for pesticide, some municipalities have restricted residential use which Weed Man aggressively fights because they are supported by Health Canada, less harmful than windshield washer fluid, and used for municipalities, farms, etc.