Park Avenue Builders

Rob's company has been part of the Breakfast Club for over 36 years! He's been in the construction field for over 40 years, running Park Avenue for over 31. He's worked with companies across Canada and into the USA. The past couple years put a damper on construction, but thankfully Park Avenue had regular work ongoing, albeit they had to follow strict medical procedures. Even today, thanks to supply chain issues, parts are still uncertain and therefore so are costs as prices can increase 50-70% mid-project!

Park Avenue currently manage 247 projects, from 1 day to 6 months in duration. Showcase pieces include the Avord Tower renovation - a 5 year project inside and out! Also, refurbishing the Legion building, where even the mortar had to be imported to maintain the heritage pieces. There's a new building code and many complications associated with it and navigating municipal regulations.

Rob's advice: if you've got a business, stay at it!