Storm Applied Technologies

Scott Carson took us on a journey of design, function, and profitability. There are 5 factors that can make the cost of a website go from $10/mo to $thousands: domain (ex., hosting (server space), template (look and feel, colours, fonts, etc.), content (text, photos, etc.), and add-ons (e-commerce, e-learning, chat, project management, etc.). By determining how much of each you need - and how much you need help with - Storm can custom build a web site tailored to your business. Scott showed us example of all the different types of web sites his team has made over the course of over 18 years in business, from simple "electronic brochures" to large complex systems. He even showed how the web is becoming the new way that software is being built with everything from conference booking systems to digital pinball machines! Lastly, he showed us how easy it is to maintain a website by making this very post in the middle of his presentation!

Who knew a web site could do so much?!