Terry has worked for CAA a number of times in his career, and always found his way back. He's now the general manager of travel. CAA is one of the most trusted brands in Canada, and you can get a membership as low s $10/yr. The perks of membership are huge, with all the discounts available. Specific to tours, CAA owns Westworld, who has many group packages. Many tours have surprise guests like celebrities, and there are lots of options to exciting destinations around the world including Africa, California

On average, Canadians look at about 100 websites to figure out what to do, instead of just gong to a travel agent. This can cause grief when it comes time to change or cancel arrangements, or if a natural disaster strikes. Further, many of those sites have a paid algorithm that is manipulating you to a certain direction. CAA is with you all the way, and can match prices. Heads up: prices are increasing as more people get back into travel mode, so CAA can help you navigate the best deal, regardless of your travel style.

Tip: Terry saw 4 flights cancelled on a recent tour, with Airline companies corralling people. One of Terry's client has spent over a month searching for lost luggage. Rely on a carry on!