Taylor Automotive Group

What's the best way to buy a car? If you buy, you pay 2 taxes. It loses value, and if life circumstances change you could lose more when you're locked into a 7 year financing term. Leasing gives you protection you wouldn't get with new car financing. For example, if your car gets hit by a deer, gap coverage will protect you. If you pay cash, there's a one-pay lease: an $84,000 Lexus can be leased for 4 years, give you guaranteed value at the end, and you can invest the money you've saved. Another option is an investment lease: give the finance company payments to use as a down payment and you'll get the money back at the end of the lease.

Taylor Automotive Group joined the group way back in the 80s, and Tim joined in 1988 back when business was all built around relationships and trust. After a year or so, he moved into buying,  and then became a manager. With the amalgamation of the Group,  Tim was a business manager and now the in-house lease portfolio for the Group.

If you need a car, whether you're buying from Taylor or not, they would love an opportunity to talk. If you need a second opinion on an insurance valuation, Tim is happy to help.