"We fix a LOT of stuff".
Darcy is new to the company but not the game, going back to 1999. When with Rogers, he found boxes and boxes of broken phones and took the initiative to fix them.  Even as phones have evolved, the need for repair is more important than ever.
uBreakiFix started as an insurance company in the USA. The idea was to support the market they insured. Upon expanding to Canada, there are locations across the country an they are factory authorized. They can even reinstate warranty after a repair! Beyond phones, repair services include TVs, computers (pc and mac), tablets, video game consoles .. if it has a power button, they'll fix it!

Cleaning is a major factor for many devices: dust creates heat, and heat kills! If you need more advanced repair, a tier 3 team can rebuild the circuitry!

One of the coolest things they have is a custom screen protector fabrication service. The have a printer that will cut the protector sheet to the exact size as your device and then the will apply it with a gel so that it cos resist getting hit with a hammer.

Fun fact: the myth that rice will absorb moisture from a water damaged device, in actuality, means you'd need to let your device sit in rice for a year to get all the moisture out! The real issue is getting the power turned off and cleaned as fast as possible.

Did you know: phone have moisture resistant ratings that can save you from a drop into a body of water for up to half an hour .. just don't do underwater filming!