Riverbend Crossing

Hope everyone had another great summer weekend!  Very interesting presentation from Driven Automotive (Jason Mancinelli also happens to be City Councillor for Ward 9).  This week we have Riverbend Crossing presenting on Wednesday at Nicky's Cafe. Details as follows:

Sign up for breakfasts and select your breakfast option here.

If you are struggling signing up, please email Joel.  He will need to know your order of choice.  Options are:

  1. Classic Breakfast = CB 2 eggs (any style), choice of bacon / ham / sausage, choice of fruit / pancakes / toast & hashbrowns
  2. Classic Benedict = Benny 2 poached eggs, smoked ham, hollandaise, toasted English muffin
  3. The Healthy Fruit Bowl = FB Healthy fruit bowl with yogurt and granola
  4. Mexican Wrap = MW 2 scrambled eggs with spicy crumbled beef, fried onions, cilantro, green peppers, cheddar, salsa, choice of fruit / toast & hashbrowns
  5. Canadian Omelette = CO Smoked ham, bacon, mushrooms...  served with choice of fruit / pancakes / toast & hashbrowns.

Breakfast to be served at 7:30 am, with the presentation starting at 7:50 am! 

Reminder, all potential new members may attend a breakfast for free to check it out!  Please run potential new members by our Board of Director Membership Committee (Don Edwards or Dan Stinnen).

Also a heads up that starting in quarter three (July invoice), the Breakfast Club will be moving back to original invoicing ($275 per quarter).  Please let Leon or Joel know if you have any questions!

Reminder, the BITS are a great place to share things that are going on around the city that may be useful to other members.  This often means new construction, changes in ownership structure, events, etc.  Please send any BITS updates to Joel or by filling out the yellow sheets on the tables at breakfasts. These will be posted weekly.    
See everyone on Wednesday morning!