The Weedman

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday morning!  Shout out to The Commissionaires for the great presentation this past Wednesday.  This week we have The Weedman presenting to the Club.  The meeting takes place Wednesday, May 19th at 7:30 am on Zoom. 

The Breakfast Club will be following the Saskatchewan guidelines regarding when in-person meetings can resume.  We are hopeful this might be by the end of May!

Please take a look at the 2021 Meeting Schedule to find the date you are scheduled to present to the Club!  Let me know if you are unable to present on your scheduled date and we can be flexible.

This week is The Weedman on May 19th, D'Andrea Denture Clinic on May 26th and MicroAge on June 2nd!  Feel free to bring an alternate or a guest to any of our virtual meetings!  Love seeing new faces.   

Reminder, the BITS are a great place to share things that are going on around the city that may be useful to other members.  This often means new construction, changes in ownership structure, events, etc.  Please send any BITS updates to Joel and they will be posted weekly.  

See everyone on Wednesday morning!