Advance Eye Care Centre

After purchasing the practice from a solo doctor, Myles and his wife are growing and renovating while ensuring care is the top priority over volume of clients being run through.

Advance is the biggest independent clinic in Regina, and one of the few independents left ... and they're going to keep it that way! The goal is to hand off the business when the future comes.

New technology helps with sensory processing and is particularly good for children who have problems processing information, or get overwhelmed by noise or touch. It's also beneficial for concussion patients, reducing some symptoms as much as 58%. Advance is one of the first locations in Canada to have this therapy and they're working with the government to help with autism funding.

On the lens side, there's a new progressive lens, built off of the previous best lens, that is based on behaviour: when the lens is being built, a camera scans your eye movement and build a lens based on your actions.

Myopic work is still huge, cutting vision problems by as much as 70%. This is especially important for kids as it'll help them so much into adulthood.

Needless to say, Advance Eye Care is on the cutting edge of innovation. Now for the icing on the cake: Breakfast Club Members get 15% off!