Mayor Sandra Masters

It was a packed house to hear our mayor speak!

Since her last appearance, there is a new city manager. One focus is cross-division planning: for example, a road gets replaced and then 3 years later gets rebuilt because it needs new water pipes but it wasn't planned. 

Another item is the collection and use of data. The goal is, coaching junior management so that they can be learn and be empowered. Further, doing so enables the breaking of the generic, "this is how we've always done it", along with enabling the responsibility of managing taxpayer money.

With a customer service focus, Mayor Masters talked about infrastructure and snow removal. She has received feedback from other cities, consultants, users of the respective spaces, and citizens. She encourages different approaches to thinking, and wants to carefully build legacy facilities that will last well past her term.

Fun facts: 1 in 11 people are employed in tourism. Sport tourism is a $7 billion industry. If a family can stay 1 night for a national event, $400 comes into the economy.