Regina Police Service

RPS has taken conscious efforts to build relationships with many groups in the city, starting in 2020. In lieu of recent events in Memphis and after George Floyd, RPS Chief Evan Bray proactively reached out to these groups to address police brutality and the stark difference in policing between Canada and USA. In 2021 there were 125,000 calls to police, 12,000 arrests were made, 340 used force, 8 were deemed inappropriate, and 1 was serious.

Another hot topic is decriminalization of drugs. In some jurisdictions, police carry safe supply of drugs. RPS is not focused on charging people with small possession. Courts have taken a view that charging won't solve the addiction, so efforts are focused on high levels of crime. To that, in the past year, over $4 million worth of drugs were seized.

Lastly, Chief Bray is on a national committee for Chiefs of police and firearm possession is being discussed. Military-style weapons are the focus of the government whereby people can seek those weapons to the government. He doesn't believe a ban is going to be very effective because, just like the "ban on murders", the people who obey the law are not the ones who will be the concern.

Chief Bray is excited to report that the RPS air support unit is running. Recently, a call was made to 911 by a business owner who saw the crime in progress over his security system. Previously, police would take 2 mins to get to the address. Now, the plane, doing lazy circles around the city, can pinpoint the address in seconds with a sophisticated camera and follow the suspects to their destination. This was the case as the suspects fled the scene 32 seconds after the crime - police would not have arrived in time. Thanks to the plane, the crime was solved, and many more will follow.

Lastly, the new home of RPS, purchased for 1/4 of the price of a new building, will be beginning transition of operations in the next month.