1 Stop Vacuum Centres

Right off the bat, 1 Stop Vacuum Centres is about more than just vacuums. Janitorial supplies, including paper towel, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, are just some of the items that you can find. Everybody is an ideal 1 Stop customer, whether you own or rent a home, or business.

The general manager, Sheri, brings many lifetimes of experience behind her, ranging from education, to athletic training, to DJ entertainment, to restaurant management, to medical administration. Having come to 1 Stop in 2019, Sheri is proud of the amazing ownership and strong team beside her.

Vacuums are an investment, and that investment needs maintenance. A cheaper unit has little to no warranty, carries little support for parts, and won't last long. However, the units from older generations are still around today and 1 Stop will service them. When possible, use a bagged vacuum as it will filter more and make the motor last longer.

Tip: check that your vacuum is actually picking up dirt, not spinning it around! Check the belt or roller. Replace bags and filter twice per year to keep the vacuum motor strong and prevent odours!

Sheri showcased a spot cleaner that cleans, disinfects, leaves no residue, and is availble in a dozen varieties!