Regina Chamber of Commerce

Tony Playter is the new CEO, replacing John Hopkins after over 20 years. The Chamber's goal is to connect people: business with consumer, business with government, government with citizens, etc. One of the best ways to connect with members is through surveys, including feedback for new forms of member events.

A new initiative for the Chamber is mentoring. Join a 45 minute conversation thigh a location convenient to you, and offer your insights for the next generation.

The Chamber has formed a new relationship with Economic Development Regina, and have seen a fresh and bright scope of ideas. Added to the relationships with Tourism and REAL, and there's a ripple effect: as new business enters, new opportunities present themselves. Econ. Dev brings in new business, REAL brings in events, and the Chamber showcases our businesses.

The Chamber is here for you! Bring in all your feedback and they will lobby for you at city council. A weakened business base is a weakened tax base. Council will listen, if there's a solution, and even form focus groups to have discussions.