Aspira Riverbend Crossing

People come because they need Aspira Riverbend. Retirement living is very common, but this community is not.  Rather, it is memory care for your loved one in a safe environment. People with Alzheimer's or dementia are surrounded by professionals that specialize in cognitive engagement. For example, gardening and baking is tactile, crafts, music, and physical activities. They even have a simulator that puts retired farmers back in the tractor seat to take them back to a fond memory! There are 67 suites, many are furnished, high staff ratio of 6-8:1 or better, a doctor on call, and a red seal chef that has created a program to present to the company on modified meals. All staff are trained in gentle persuasion and redirection. If you have a loved one who is beginning to experience symptoms, don't wait - get them into a community with all-inclusive services.