Arrow Plumbing & Heating

Curtis sold the company! An investment company has acquired Arrow, who has been great to work with and kept Curtis on for up to 5 years. Expect to see some re-branding soon. Arrow has been part of the club for over 10 years.


Joining Curtis is Darcy Holderness from SaskPower, who spoke about small nuclear reactors. The concept has been around since the 2010s but it was shelved until the technology advanced. In 2018 and with federal support, things started to pick up. Now, other jurisdictions are looking at it also. Just like carbon capture, SaskPower is positioning itself to be a close follower. Canada is known as a tier 1 nuclear nation: 15% of all electricity is nuclear, and we are one of the top medical nuclear producers. Saskatchewan is still relying on coal as many provinces are using gas. As such, the carbon tax is very costly. 2030 will be the end of convention coal, with wind, solar, and natural gas taking over. In short, we need all options. At the same, there are other factors to consider like waste, importing energy, and infrastructure. However, a small modular reactor the size of a double car garage can run for 60 years and provide 300 megawatts.


Nuclear is a fascinating topic, and SaskPower wants to keep the conversation going! Contact Darcy or visit