Regina Folk Festival

Special thanks to Josh Haugerud, Executive Director of Regina Folk Festival, for making time to present to our group just ahead of this year's Regina Folk Festival. After a two-year hiatus, an exciting line-up marks the 51st Folk Festival happening downtown at Victoria Park Aug. 5-7. The festival will feature some big names along with lots of high-caliber, local talent. And they are piloting a new accessibility initiative called the “Hearing Loop,” which will enable attendees with hearing loss and hyper-sensitivities to loud sounds to control the volume and frequency they receive through special technology. In additional to its big summer festival, we learned that Regina Folk Festival also does outreach to schools and retirement homes throughout the year, offers virtual programming, runs a concert series from September to June, and presents a four-day winter festival to shake off the ice and bring some heat. Check out the festival line-up and learn more about all of their impressive initiatives at